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My Feelings About the Savage x Fenty Show a Month Later Because It Was Just That Good

So. It's a smooth month later I’m still overly excited and in awe over this show. That super exciting and inclusive while still being exclusive, sexy, special, well produced and just generally beautiful show. Nothing like I’ve seen before. I wasn’t crying but I teared up a considerable amount.


So let's start with the woman who is taking over the fashion world and making her mark in multiple industries: Rihanna. This woman right here is one of my inspirations. Now, everyone says that she's their fashion inspiration (as in they like her clothes), but she's my inspiration because of her creative spirit. You can hear the excitement and genuinity in her voice as we sit in awe and watch/listen to her time and time again outwardly express her creative abilities. 

As I sat and watched the beginning of the Savage x Fenty fashion show I realized that we weren't just going to watch models walk the runway. I realized that we were going to watch the show unfold from its core: production. Rihanna showed us what goes on behind the scenes as well as her excitement about literally everything. This itself, seeing the excitement from her vision coming to life, made me excited. I mean I was already excited because 1: its Rihanna, 2: last fall’s show was beautiful and 3: the inclusivity. I knew that I was in for a ride, but Rihanna took every expectation in my mind and said “you thought you werent gonna cry? Hehehahaha”. I imagine that the laugh would be her signature shy-baddie-Rihannah-laugh which makes it even better.  

The Show

From the beginning of the amazon prime special I knew that it would be amazing. The beginning was mainly about production and the process behind the show itself, something that we don’t get to see this up close and personal. It was more than a “behind the scenes” look at the fashion week show, it was an exhibition of the creative energy that goes into fashion itself. 

The Details

Rihanna doesn't play when it comes to details. As you could clearly see if you watched the show not only once but eight full times, not only did Bad Girl Riri go off on the clothing, she also gave us details. No detail was too small or large and nothing took away from the clothing. Every shoe and piece of jewelry was necessary and just enough to fit Rihanna's effortlessly elaborate-sophistocated-chill aesthetic. Every piece was kinda "yeah I have humongous earrings on but no big deal these undies are comfy and make my butt look cute". Perfect for lingerie. Perfect for making someone feel as extra or as chill as they want. A great range of personality and options.

The Dancing

Aside from the fact that I was sent into to visual interest overdrive from the clothing and accessories, I found myself severely entranced by the fact that so many different types of women were dancing together (choreography by Parris Goebel, a long time fave). I was also amazed that they were dancing and showcasing the clothing at the same time. The combination of watching people dance to unique choreography mixed with fashion absolutely blew my mind. The energy that the show gave off was so amazing and exciting that I watched it again immediately after.

The Models

When Rihanna said that she wanted every woman, she wasn’t kidding. EVERY SHAPE. EVERY SIZE. Y’all this is real diversity real inclusivity. Giving the girls who aren’t usually included in the beauty conversation a spot on the stage (I’m calling this stage because it was a PRODUCTION). There were no background characters in this show, everyone was a main character, making up a beautiful ensemble. Everybody and EVERY BODY was given a spotlight, a moment to shine. It was absolutely beautiful. 

I personally felt really excited about this show because I started seeing the curvy girls that I follow and have been following walking across the stage. The girls that had made their own name in the big girl community and in fashion were walking alongside the models that are routinely placed on the runway. This was a statement. A statement that made me feel even more connected with Rihanna's Savage x Fenty line and brand values. It made me feel seen and (even more) beautiful because I could simply see myself in the clothing. I saw how confident, beautiful and sexy those women looked and how they used themselves to make a statement. They told everyone that they belonged and that they were beautiful and fierce too. Rihanna took the subgroups of fashion models and combined them to represent fashion in the real world. She showed fashion the way fashion should be. For everybody. 



If you have any particular topics that you'd like me to write about then please leave a comment. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!


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