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Learning How To Water Myself

“How to water a plant”

It seems like a stupid question with an obvious answer. You just pour water on the plant, that's it. Right? Not necessarily. There are wrong ways to water plants. You can under and over-water them, you can saturate them with the wrong type of water and at the wrong temperature.

According to google: For large plants you pour the water, allowing it to soak into the soil. This is done until the soil is saturated with water. Other tips include:

  • Focus on the root zone (leaves don't need to be watered),

  • Water only when needed

  • Water deeply and thoroughly

  • Different plants have different water needs

I have found that last tip to be very important. Like a plant, a person’s body, mind and soul need to be watered. The most essential part about figuring out how to water ourselves is understanding that each of us will need to be watered differently. What works for one person may not work for another. This is true for so many aspects of self care. Watering takes on many different forms, whether it be associated with appearance, mental health, or just how you feel physically.

For me, watering takes the form of:

  • Therapy and/or or writing my thoughts and feelings down so that I can properly address and process them

  • Quiet time in my room (which because of the colors and warm lighting is a soothing space)

  • Lighting candles and listening to nature sounds (sometimes meditating)

  • Taking the time to properly take care of my hair (deep conditioning, twist-outs)

  • Eating foods that I enjoy with people that I love

  • Creating art, enjoying content that inspires me artistically (this includes doing my makeup)

  • Reading

  • Giving myself a spa day (bubble bath, pedicure, manicure, skincare)

  • Allowing myself to enjoy life

Some of the things on this list are done on a daily basis while some are done as needed. Particularly, when I feel like I need some watering, I’ll do things on the list that will give me what I need.

Learning how to properly water myself has taken some time. It required me to really listen to myself and pay attention to the things that bring me peace.

"For large plants you pour the water, allowing it to soak into the soil. This is done until the soil is saturated with water"

For me to successfully water myself, I have to take my time. I can’t rush or give myself a time limit. I have to give myself time to soak in the peace and saturate myself until I am content.

The key, I believe, to watering, is to do it wholeheartedly and with intention. The particular act of self care needs to be fully executed, intentional, and without haste. I have also discovered that if I am not present while I water myself, as in I don't allow myself to let go of whatever is bothering me, then I cannot fully soak in the benefits. This is true for other aspects of life. If your mind and heart aren’t in it, then you won’t receive the full benefits that you probably would have if they were. With that said, water yourself with purpose and care because we all need it to grow. We have to learn how to nurture and love ourselves so that we can be and feel our best.






If you have any particular topics that you'd like me to write about then please leave a comment. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!


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