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An introverted Aries from Baltimore, Maryland. 

Loves purple. 

Her favorite number is 6. 


My Philosophy:

I design and create for the person who is breaking into their confidence. For the person who doesn’t see themselves widely represented in art and fashion. For the person who wants to feel seen, understood and express themselves through the clothes that they wear. I share my story and experiences through my work to connect with and help others discover their own light and beauty. 

 I believe in exploration and constantly exploring the world around me. I believe in questioning why things are the way they are. I choose to question the standards which have been set for our bodies and the attitudes towards them and challenge traditional fashion with each illustration and design. 


 There needs to be a change in the state of representation within the fashion industry. I want to be a part of that change. 


Clothing goes on all bodies, all bodies deserve clothes. 

As an artist I allow my energy to flow through my work. My art is connected to me. Everything is connected. My soul, my mind, and how I’m feeling. 


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