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My Faves From NYFW

Okay guys, because I'm a fashion designer/creative/artist/person who likes clothes, I will be listing some of my favorite looks from NYFW. One of those special and exclusive weeks of the year. One of which I have never attended (but plan to because I’m a big girl now).

So, lets begin:

Christopher Kane

“It's about people who love nature” -Christopher Kane. This 2020 Spring collection is titled “Eco-Sexual”, and rightfully so. Each piece thoughtfully and attractively praises the earth and nature as its inspiration and design foundation. The collection is devoted to the love of nature, including (my favorite) space. Unlike other collections that have had some spacey-futuristic themes, Kane’s inspiration and design choices stem directly from a love of the earth and space, all of nature. The simple star print is reminiscent of the galaxy prints of the 2010’s, but more mature and sophisticated. The ruffles allude to the layers of petals of a flower. The graphic planet print on the dresses and sweatshirt remind us that although space is the mysterious void surrounding us, it is also what we are apart of. The collection beautifully celebrates nature and its connection with those who live within it.

Pyer Moss

Okay guys. I discovered Pyer Moss when Lena Waithe wore a Pyer Moss suit to the 2019 Met Gala. I love this designer and this collection. The collection, paying tribute to Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the (widely considered) godmother of rock and roll, is an imagination of the aesthetic of her influence if she had been given credit in pop culture and music history. This collection is absolutely beautiful, moving, and black. Everything about it screams, “rock and roll was invented by a queer black woman who has been lost in history, but you know why”. From the color combinations, to the volume, to the cocoa-butter-and-afro-weilding grunge, this collection flies past traditional ideas of the rock and roll aesthetic and defines its own. One of my favorite looks from the collection is the yellow long-sleeved crop top paired with the yellow asymmetrical pleated skirt. The asymmetrical pleating brings textural interest to such a simple monochromatic look. Another favorite is the cropped black and white printed jacket with high waisted, wide legged pants. I love these pants because of the piped pockets (I love repeating geometric shapes). Again, I love this collection and I love this designer.


Inspired by NASA and how its astronauts train in underwater facilities in Houston, Chromat (as always) presented a bold and inclusive collection on the runway. I have always been interested in Chromat’s attention to layering and shape when it comes to swimwear. The colors are cool, bright, and sporty and the designs are sexy, creative and empowering. I truly appreciate how the designer plays with cutouts and mesh in both blue two-pieces, an illusion of layering. The motif of “curve” and asymmetrical shape and line is seen consistently in this collection, each curve almost molding and moving with the body. The pieces look like they are a part of the models, not just sitting on them. And this extra-diverse runway… YES MA’AM.

Christopher John Rogers

Whimsical-glam, is how I would describe the designs of Christopher John Rogers. This collection is colorful, voluminous, unique and wearable. These three pieces were my favorites because they are classic silhouettes with a twist. I love the black and white split suit. Its oversized, sophisticated and sexy. The partially pleated pant-skirt with matching top is not only one of my favorites because of the fabric, but also because of the volume and texture. The combination of interesting fabric and fabric manipulation is an A++ on this look as well as the orange ruched tube dress. This dress made of confetti dot stretch velveteen, is a great example of a simple silhouette taken to the next level with fabric manipulation. Christopher John Rodgers continues to be on my designers to watch list because of his unique attention to detail and textures.

Cong Tri 

As a girl who likes very traditionally feminine things, but won't admit it, I love this collection. This collection by Cong Tri is everything I love. Asymmetrical, monochrome/color blocked, notable and yet subtle details, drape and texture play. These pieces that I’ve chosen are my most favorite of them all. Each piece is distinctively different than the other and yet you can tell that they are designed by the same person. It's simplicity combined with volume. An understanding that a simple combination of details/shapes can make something stunningly beautiful. For example, the white dress is tiered, and voluminous but the drama comes from the hem. All of the volume falls to the hem of the dress where the light fabric flows and sweeps as the model walks down the runway (ugh this is beautiful walking). The purple dress presents a good balance of detail and volume. From the chest down to a bit past the hip, the fabric is pleated and pushed to the right side of the wearer's body. The lack of dress on the left side is balanced by the volume and movement created by the sleeve and dress. The turquoise piece is also one of my favorites because of the strong shouldered silhouette created by the large ruffle-sleeve-bow.

Prabal Gurung

Parabal Gurung sent a colorful and meaningful collection down the runway. From casual to formal, the collection was an array of silhouettes and details. These were my four favorite looks from the collection. The embellished tank dress was one of my favorites simply because of the embellishment and the simple silhouette. The blue and green ruched dress is one of the most interesting pieces of the collection. Both of the “mechanical” components of the dress work together to make up this beautiful and thoughtful combination of ruching, layering and draping. What I appreciate about this collection is that it was made with a message: “Who gets to be american?”. A message that is very relevant and conversation-sparking these days. This collection was beautifully done and beautifully executed. 


Area really likes nameplate necklaces. They really took that theme and ran. I appreciate the simplicity and craftsmanship of the green jacket. A smart lapel, single dart, and diagonal pocket on the jacket’s left side keeps the overall shape symmetrical and classic but adds interest with asymmetrical details. The crystal shoulder piece uniquely adds edge and glamour to such a clean, simple piece. I really like the idea of fringe (and so does the designer). It does what it wants when it wants, creating a slightly different look with every move of the wearer. The outlier in my four favorite pieces is the satin-off-shoulder mini dress. I love the shape and the crystal detail along the sleeve/bodice piece.

S by Serena

Serena Williams (one of my favorite female athletes and women in general aside from my mother and grandmother) is the embodiment of a multitasker. Tennis, family, fashion I think she's got it down. Her pieces embody the female-hustler-dreamer-power-suit-wearing woman of the day. A stylish and working woman who aims to look smart, sharp, sexy and actually be those things too. Speaking of smart, all of the pieces look to be as functional and comfortable as they are flattering. Serena’s color story is vibrant, mature and subtly screams “bout to step out and stunt on all yall but don't forget that I’m a classy lady”. I’m just going to highlight a few pieces now because the designer in me is not only captivated by the look of these garments but also the design choices and silhouette pairings.  A suede tulip-wrap skirt paired with a sporty well fitting jacket is the perfect monochromatic ensemble that simply stamps an invisible “boss lady” across the werers forehead. The subtle neon green dress is a play on the classic blazer dress. Sharp, defined shoulders, a soft and loose sleeve and bodice drape; this, along with the asymmetrical button style of the skirt, takes a well known silhouette and makes it something new. 

My mom would love this because this is the woman that she is.

LaQuan Smith

LaQuan Smith brought western snake girl to the runway. I liked the collection, but I really appreciated the simple and yet dramatic silhouette of this grey snakeskin dress. The off-the-shoulder balloon-puff-sleeve funnels into a simple straight-fitted sleeve. This sleeve detail paired with a deep curved V is beautiful and absolutely flattering. The sleeves aren't too large making the drama subtle but noticeable.

Okay guys, so there are my faves from NYFW. I hope you enjoyed.



If you have any particular topics that you'd like me to write about then please leave a comment. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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