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Girl Who Enjoys Getting Dressed Up and Going Outside is Confined to Quarantine, Send Help

I don't know about y'all, but I really miss putting an outfit together and going outside...with it on. I miss rifling through my drawers for the perfect outfit 20 minutes before I'm supposed to leave the house. Well, since we’re in quarantine (or supposed to be), I guess we have some time to come up with outfits and looks for when they open outside back up. 

It’s gonna be a bit warm (or cold) by the time they free us, so now while you’re at home lounging and probably bored out of your mind, you can go through your summer wardrobe and gather up some outfit ideas for your next (most likely in the distant-ish future) mall peruse, movie date, or heavily anticipated visit to The Cheesecake Factory.

Now, most people only really think about getting dressed when they're getting dressed. However, being the fashionista that I am, I have found that trying on outfits that I’ve imagined in my spare time makes it so much easier to get dressed. I started knowing exactly what I wanted to wear just by knowing what my clothes look like on me and how they make me feel. It’s important that when you're getting dressed that you're dressing comfortably. Now this can mean comfort as in fit or comfort as in how the clothes make you feel. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made while getting dressed is allowing myself to settle on an outfit that I didn't feel comfortable wearing that day. 

If you're not feeling comfortable in your clothes then it might be time for a wardrobe change. Now this doesn't necessarily mean throwing all of your clothes away and buying a new closet. It means that you think of the clothes that you have, how you usually wear them, and try to switch it up. Now, this can include new clothes, however it does not have to. So, if you have spendable funds at this time, the sales are pretty nice. If you wanna try something new then now is the time. 

Blogger Finally Takes Some of Her Own Advice

Since I'm writing about this (probably elaborate sounding) wardrobe experimentation, I had to give proof that I actually took the time to do it myself. So here it is:

I ordered a super boxy midi/maxi dress (with pockets!) in a cute black and white print. (I’m trying to wear prints more because they’re fun and interesting and I’m fun and interesting so...makes sense). Knowing that I’d want to add some shapely modifications, I bought a cool black belt with silver eyelets to go along with it. [GIRL. A belt can transform an outfit. It really can. It can add a bit of spice to a super comfy fit.] The best part is that the belt can be worn with so many other things (a staple). I’m gonna order another one in silver/white. 

Here’s another dress that I "modified" with the same belt. Now, this dress was already pretty form-fitting, but I wanted to give more of a cinched and shapely (like the shapely part wasn't already happening) silhouette.

As soon as I received the clothes in the mail, I tried them on to see how I felt about them and to see how cute they looked on me. Now I know that both of these dresses can be styled in a minimum of two different ways with two different vibes (and I have cute pictures). I got dressed up with nowhere to go. Not just to try on the clothes to make sure they fit, but also because I just felt like feeling cute for a minute. 

Honestly, getting dressed up for nothing is not only a good way to find your style and fun, new outfits, it's also a good way to keep feeling cute (and beautiful and fun) in such a weird time. It still counts when people aren’t around. Actually, it probably counts even more. As long as you feel cute and fun then you're good. There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel extra pretty every once in a while and being stuck inside doesn't mean that you can’t feel cute. You can be cute/comfy or get all dolled up every now and then and have a solo photoshoot (see below). Even just throwing on some lip gloss (or even just some lip balm honestly), doing your hair, and #ChillBaddie-ing it up for your day in the house can make you feel better than waking up and throwing on a big t-shirt. 

Brand Shoutout Because I Can Actually Fit Their Clothes

Speaking of "ChillBaddie", Aerie has a ton of cute pieces (some on sale) for EVERYONE. The clothes are of good quality and everything that I have purchased is super comfy and cute. It is the perfect place to go shopping for cute and stylish loungewear. 

So, I hope you take my advice and end up with a Cutie Pie in Quarantine album in the photo app of your iPhone like me (no shame). Take the time to feel good about yourself, like I said in my last blog post: you deserve it.



If you have any particular topics that you'd like me to write about then please leave a comment. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!


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