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A Hot Girl Fit for A Hot Girl Summer (Even Though it's Almost September)

The summertime can be a struggle. For those of us who've got a little extra meat on our bones, wardrobe malfunctions and the horrors of chafing are just the beginning. One of my biggest dilemmas is definitely dressing around some of my insecurities (which I'll touch on later) and keeping myself cool. I've managed to figure out my summer staples which are:

- long shorts (to prevent thigh chafing),

- a cute maxi (because you just put it on and go, duh),

- a duster or open button down (for a little bit of cool coverage),

- bike shorts (they're stretchy and can basically be worn with anything)

-a trusty bodysuit.

It might seem as if I've got it all figured out, but one of the most important summer must-haves has actually been my most ignored. Before my August vacation to Finest Playa Mujeres I realized that I had six bathing suits, two and a half of which I could actually fit. Those two suits were also about four years old, so I was obviously in need of an update.


The Beginning/Things You Need to Ask Yourself:

The immediate thought that comes to my mind when I need something updated or replaced in my closet is: WHERE? WHEN? and WHAT?

"Where the hell am I gonna get it from?", "Will they have my size?", "What size am I? ", "What if I have to return it?", " When will I get it?", "Do I even have time to order it?". Obviously I ask a lot of questions when it comes to choosing and buying clothes.


I have only bought bathing suits from Target and SwimsuitsForAll because they both carry my size. (this automatically makes them trusted brands).

SwimsuitsForAll is where I discovered the world of the high-waisted bikini (AKA- the fatkini). Gabi Gregg AKA-@gabifresh collaborated with SwimsuitsForAll for the second time in 2015 which was also the first time that I had ordered a bathing suit online. I picked out some suits that I loved, followed the sizing guide, and ordered two suits. These were my first two-pieces and this was the first time that I had ever had any type of midriff showing in any setting.

After my success with SwimsuitsForAll, I decided that after four years I could move into the territory of another trusted web retailer: ASOS. I have bought PLENTY of items from ASOS so I trusted that I would find luck in my search for a cute, new swim suit.

I was right.


There are three things that I love about ASOS:

  1. You can pay $19 for two-day shipping for 1 year. Thats right, 1 year, $19, two-day shipping. And no minimums.

  2. Free Returns. Just slap the return sticker provided onto the bag your items came in, toss it in the mail and wait for your refund. So. Freaking. Easy.

  3. Cute stuff.


One-pieces with cutouts, one-pieces without cutouts, high-waist bikinis, lower-cut bikinis, halter bikini tops, ruched tops, tie front-style tops. There's a good amount to choose from, and you can mix and match.

The mixing and matching is the best part because not everyone's top and bottom are the same proportion/size. The sizing chart is pretty easy to follow and just requires you to know your measurements or have measuring tape around.

I ordered the high waist bikini top and bottom (1 red top and 1 black bikini bottom and 1 red bikini bottom) in a size 16, which is my usual size in tops and bottoms. They fit perfectly, not too tight and not too loose, very comfortable.

Heres some proof of their wearability and general cuteness:

It might take some extra work, but finding a suit (or clothes in general) can be easy and fun. A little testing and searching and you'll find your staple brands/retailers.

Hopefully this info was a bit helpful to those of you who are struggling and/or was relatable to those who have kind of figured it out. Happy hunting!



If you have any particular topics that you'd like me to write about then please leave a comment. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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